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1, the core agent

Refers to the partners who have purchased the products directly from Soren Solar Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. and have achieved the promised sales performance;

The core agent needs to be equipped with special technical and commercial personnel to be responsible for the pre-sales and after-sales service of the customers in the agent area;

The core agent is qualified to develop the next level of agents.

related requirements:

Have a good regional interpersonal relationship, have a certain number of customer base, and need to be equipped with a dedicated sales staff to sell products, there are corresponding after-sales installation technicians can track after-sales service, undertake the contracted sales tasks.

responsibility range:

Promote the promotion of “suolun Sauron” brand products in a designated area in a certain area, and actively develop an authorized agent.

2, authorized agents

It is a partner that points to end users for sales and technical support.

related requirements:

There is a deep customer relationship in a certain industry and there are a number of successful cases in the industry.

At the same time, special sales staff are required to carry out product sales in the industry.

Undertake the sales tasks stipulated in the sales contract.

responsibility range:

In a certain area, a fixed industry is designated as a designated area, and product promotion is carried out in this industry.

3. OEM partners

OEM partners can use their own LOGO on all interfaces involving product LOGO, and have the right to sell, print product information and sign sales contracts with end users in the name of their own company.

related requirements:

Have a fixed customer base, at least in a certain industry or region with deep customer relationships.

responsibility range:

Promote product promotion in designated areas in the municipality directly under the central government, and actively develop first-class authorized agents.

4. Project agent

It is a partner that points to end users for sales and technical support. Does not have the qualification to develop subordinate agents.

Project reporting is a cooperative approach.

related requirements:

Have a specific user relationship and need to have a dedicated sales staff to sell the product.

responsibility range:

The specific signing project will be used as a unit to complete the signing task during the reporting period.