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Company Culture


Solun company determined

Corporate mission: to be the messenger of light

Corporate Creed: Being with the Sun, Creating a Green Home

Vision: Let the sky be bluer, the water clearer, the gas renewal, and the future better.

Development: We will always be in sync with the sun, and walk with you to develop together.

The future: the future of energy, the future of the world, the future of glory!

Enterprise tenet: create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create harmony for the society.

Entrepreneurial spirit: people-oriented, market leader, technology advancement, all staff innovation.

Quality policy: more standard, more professional, more energy efficient

Marketing concept: Let users be satisfied, let the merchants make money, and let Sauron develop.

Overseas marketing concept: one step ahead, winning.

Employing the concept: knowing people and being good people, respecting people and educating people.

Solun's style: Today's event is finished today, tomorrow's event is raised today.